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Currently Catherine Iskiw Designs is utilizing the following metals in designs:

  • Pt950 is an alloy of platinum comprised of 95% platinum and 5% Ruthenium, another platinum group metal. Occasionally chain or findings may be Pt900. It is alloyed with 10% iridium, also a platinum group metal.
  • 18K yellow gold is 75% gold, usually alloyed with copper, silver, zinc and or cobalt. Palladium white gold is 75% yellow gold alloyed with 25% palladium. These are the alloys selected for most items in our line. Rose gold in 18K or 14K are options as is 14K palladium white gold. Some chain or findings are not available in all alloys.
  • Pd950, is palladium, a platinum group metal that is much lighter and slightly more gray than platinum. It is 95% palladium with 5% of other metals, usually 5% ruthenium. It is not to be confused with 18K palladium white gold that is yellow gold alloyed into a white metal by adding palladium.
  • 925 sterling silver an alloy of silver 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent other metals, usually copper. Most often this is electroplated with black rhodium when used in our designs. The silver can be finished as shiny, stone finish or matte before being plated with black rhodium. The stone and matte finishes are oiled and or waxed and appear darker than the polished finish.
  • Please ask us about custom orders if you are interested in a metal not listed here.