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Gemstone information

All of the gemstones that we use are natural stones. Some have incurred treatments that are commonly used and accepted in the industry as follows:

  • Corundum, Sapphires and Rubies have been heat treated.
  • Black Diamonds have been heat treated.
  • Semi-precious gems such as Amethyst and Prasiolite have been heat treated.
  • Blue Topaz has been irradiated, treatment follows U.S. Government regulations.
  • Diamond grades are noted on the specific jewelry pieces. Platinum and 18k gold jewelry items most often use the diamond grade GH SI2 as the standard for our round brilliant cut diamonds unless noted otherwise Some items such as larger gemstone rings use the slightly higher grade of GH SI1. Our silver jewelry uses several different grades from GH SI1 or 2, to "Silver Mist" or fancy gray diamonds.

For more information on Diamond grades, please see the Gemological Institute of America's chart, here.